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Please read our chat rules before enter the chat !!!
Chat Rules

1) CAPS LOCK key cannot be used by users ONLY admin/moderators are ALLOWED to use.

2) You are NOT allowed to publish or post any of the Web Address (links) , your mail ID & contact numbers in main 

3) You Cannot Drag the words. Ex: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Hellooooo & Bad languages are not allowed in main.
4) Punctuations marking, Unicode font, and other language words cannot be used as NICK NAME specially bad nicks .

5) You can use ONLY Tamil ,English languages in main (dont use tamil fonts or unicode)

6) You must click ALL USERS before sending messages in main

7) You are NOT allowed to use Our Admin’s or Moderator’s Nick name as YOUR nick NAME

8) Do not disturb main by continually posting the same message OR Smilies

9) If others harsel you please IGNORE them by clicking their name
10)Please respect our admins, moderators,vips and all other users.

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